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Knowing what the weather could save your life.

​Fire safety and personal safety revolve around a suite of conditions such as current and predicted weather, drought, wind, topography and the previous winter precipitation. Weather plays an important role in fire behavior and it is imperative you pay attention to the weather during a fire. It is always changeable.

Average temperatures in Amador County can range from summer highs in the mid 90’s to winter lows in the low 30s. We have had record highs in the 110s and record lows in the high 10s.

Amador County is 605 square miles and has significant elevation changes. From west to east, the county rises from about 250 feet to about 9,400 feet; flat agricultural lands to rolling hills to mountain peaks. Our geography and geology provide us with a diversity of plants, wild and domestic.

A person starting in snow or rain in the mountains can end up in sunshine and clear skies in the Ione Valley. Additionally, weather in the Sacramento Valley and Delta add another layer of complexity to weather patterns in Amador County.

All of these conditions make a difference when a fire starts. The more you understand the environment in which you live, the better you can understand fire behavior and fire fighting.