Current Projects

Mitchell Mine Fuel Break

In September 2018, the AFSC was awarded $1,017,239 from CALFIRE’s Climate Change Investment funds to implement the Mitchell Mine Fuel Break, which is located between Pine Grove and Volcano. The planning for this project has been in the works for years, and environmental compliance is roughly 50% complete; work on the ground is projected to start in early 2019. The Mitchell Mine Fuel Break will be a 300-foot-wide shaded fuel break that is approximately 10.4 miles, through public and private land, strategically placed by CALFIRE and AFSC professionals, and sanctioned as a priority by the Amador Fuels Reduction Collaboration. A shaded fuel break is an area where underbrush and small trees are cleared, leaving trees larger than 10 inches in diameter in the cleared swath. As the name describes this would act as a break of fuel functioning to significantly slow down a wildfire, and provides an open space for fire fighters and emergency responders to work to fight the wildfire.

In addition to CAL FIRE, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Indian Grinding Rock State Park are project partners; the fuel break will include public land managed by both of these entities. The fuel break includes many parcels of private land and in order to make it effective, AFSC needs to partner with the included private landowners – therefore, we need Rights of Entry for work to occur.

If you own property near the Mitchell Mine Fuel Break project areayou should have received a letter from the Amador Fire Safe Council in the mail. This letter describes the project and asks landowners to return a sign Right of Entry (ROE), this will allow our Registered Professional Forester (RPF) to come on your property and determined if there are any environmental of cultural sensitive areas that we need to be aware of during the project implementation phase. If you live in this area, click the link below for a fillable version of the ROE and return to the address below as soon as possible.