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During the July 7th Electra Fire Evening Briefing Operations Section Chief, Jeremy Pierce, answered the question: “Were any homes lost?” His answer showcases the important work our community is doing before a wildfire occurs to keep our County safe, saving homes and lives. Jeremy Pierce answered the question by saying  “No – but it’s really a direct reflection of the communities.  As I drove around this fire I was amazed at the shaded fuel breaks, the defensible space around each one of these homes, which played a HUGE role in firefighters gaining access to these homes, preventing fire from getting into these neighborhoods and preventing any structural loss whatsoever.  So kudos to those neighborhoods who spent the time doing defensible space – it was tremendous for us.” (Time stamp 20 minutes, 13 seconds) ELECTRA FIRE 7:00 PM Evening Briefing, July 7 2022 – Link to Full Briefing Video | Facebook The fuel break Chief Pierce is referring to is the Pine Acres Fuel Break which the AFSC, CALFIRE, and PG&E worked with private landowners to construct back in 2012-2015.  The same fuel break helped to keep the 2015 Butte Fire out of Amador County.  The AFSC currently has grant funding to do maintenance work on this fuel break which is anticipated to start in Fall 2022. Thank you to our communities for doing the work to maintain defensible space and help implement landscape scale fuel breaks like the Pine Acres Fuel Break.   If you’re looking for some local education opportunities to learn about defensible space, forest health, and fuel reduction practices check out these upcoming workshops for more information.

  • “Fire-Adapted Landscapes and Wildfire Preparation” Workshop, August 8, 2022 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pine Grove Town Hall 19889 Hwy. 88, Pine Grove For more information and to register:
  • Forest Stewardship Virtual 9 week Training Course August 24th- October 19th, online workshop once per week. $60Registration information can be found at For additional information or questions, please contact Kim Ingram at